Sehr jalil is a contemporary visual artist, researcher, writer, educationist and thinker.Her practice has evolved to be a pendulum between contemporary and historic. Experimentation and spontaneity delve to intuitive research, curiosity and hardcore discipline, where large horizons of thoughts, cultures or environments can come to ‘one’ in her art –  Visual works as the alphabet and metaphor for research and inquiry, old forms are deconstructed to find newer dilemmas, through an interdisciplinary and open ended approach. Art, research and knowledge work for eachother.

Jalil has been teaching art, in practice and theory since 2006; she has played a key role in the cultural studies department at the National College of Arts, Lahore, since 2015. She has contributed to development of the MPhil department/courses and is lecturer under graduate for courses such as history of art and architecture, history of south Asian design and art since 1945. This development and contribution to the MPhil program, courses such as critical theory, cultural studies, museology, heritage studies and close affiliation with the experts in these fields has further nurtured the research dynamic in Jalil’s visual practice.

Jalil’s recent solo show STRAY REFLECTIONS 23rd Dec 2018 – 6th January 2019 was exhibited at Javed manzil, Allama Iqbal museum Lahore. Jalil’s participatory work has been exhibited at the European Manifesta Nomadic biennale 2018 at Palermo Italy. It is a collaboration with artist Fillipo Mineli for his diasporic flag installation project ‘across the border’. She is a core member of the Awami art collective since its birth in 2015, a group of artists and activists who rely on public art to bring a change in their environment. Being a member of the AAC has deepened her intuition of the city being her heartbeat. Jalil contributes her research to international journals, THE SKY DREW SOME NEW LINES, Book: Things don’t really exist until you give them a name: Unpacking Urban Heritage, 2018, being a recent publication. She presented her paper at the URBAN HERITAGE CONFERENCE Simulizi Mijini / Urban Narratives, TU Berlin, March 2017.

Jalil has continually contributed reviews, studio visits, essays and profiles to Art Now Pakistan since 2013 (only online Pakistani magazine on contemporary art). She has also been a participant of the Boston Architectural College faculty exchange program on international heritage conservation, in Boston and New Mexico, USA, 2018 and the ART for Social Change, artist exchange program, 2013, New York and Washington DC hosted by the meridian international centre and US embassy, 2013. She did her BFA (Painting major 0’6) and (MA Hons Visual Arts 0’14) from the National College of Arts, Lahore. Her MA/MPhil dissertation was titled ‘Understanding the phenomenon of paradise through contemporary visual art’. She was born in Lahore, 1983.