When people shed like tree leaves

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From one window to the other – the air is the same. Sky is clear but we have been banned like the kites in Pakistan. Is the thread too harsh? Is the act too festive? Does it have a history that we don’t want to remember? What just happened? Where did all the shields and bionics go? Imagine the Mongols, Mughals or Robots suffering from covid-19. The Quranic event of the Ababeel (Martin bird) runs across my mind. The Prophet’s grandfather was assured by Allah that the strong invading army won’t be able to do any harm to Makah. Abdul Muttalib told the people of Makah to hide in caves while flocks of Ababeels crowded the sky and carried gravel in their claws and beaks. The Ababeel threw gravel stones in a way that it hit the enemy like…

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